Kinect: installing the device

The Kinect sensor is designed to be part of the console XBox 360, but fortunately Microsoft has decided to release the SDK for Windows 7 users.

This article is the first of a series of posts I will made during the time I will have this sensor at home and I will be able to play with it a little bit.

To install the sensor there are requirements:

This is everything you need to install the Kinect sensor on your Windows 7 computer.

Installing the device

1. Install the VS and .NET framework.
2. Install Kinect SDK (Beta so far).
3. Connect the device to your computer (first plug it into the AC/DC, then to your USB port).
4. You can verify the installation in your “Device manager”.DeviceManager
. The green diode is blinking on the device.

If you have corretly finished these points – you should have the device connected to your Windows 7 PC computer and can start the developing your own application.

Device Manager with Kinect installed correctly

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