Intelligent alarm clock – take your smartphone into bed…

Sleep graph made last night.
Sleep graph made last night.

There is always problem to wake up in the morning at 7am. Who does not have that problem with snoozing the alarm beep – I have. But fortunately I have also an iPod which has accelerometer – like almost every modern smartphone. I am using Sleep Cycle App – on the right you can see the sleep during last night.

There are plenty of applications nowadays for every possible OS on the market (I have also an app on my Nokia Lumia 800) – I suggest to give it a try. More importantly this little fellow gives you plenty of statistics – because before you go to bed you can select what did you do this particular day (worked out, drank alcohol etc.). Based on that and generated quality during each day – you have the whole picture.

But the most important fact is… IT WORKS! You select the hour you would like to be waken up, time window when it activates and.. magically it detects the right moment for you to get up!


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