DreamWeek #1–List of useful links for a week

During the whole week I find plenty of interesting, inspiring and well.. just cool stuff on the web. I think it’s worthy to share it with you all. So I decided that once a week I will publish a list of things which I read and by which I was inspired during the week.

(Yes I know this blog was dead for almost a year. But plenty of things were going on and I did not have time to focus on blog. This time is now over and I can get back to blogging! Yay!)


The Warehouse is Dead, Long Live the Warehouse!
I know this is an old post from NuGet.org team – but by reading that you can find out that everyone makes mistakes! I am thinking about writing a post which will cover this area – making mistakes and getting feedback.

Jon again took my mind on the higher gear during his post. You really need to focus when you read his blog posts – this one is on the same category. He is using Roslyn to investigate the curious cases of const decimal value and goes very deep into the implementation and the IL. Totally worth reading!

The Curious Case of iPhone 6+ 1080p Display
Of course – this week was all about Apple. This cool article describes details about pixel density in the upcoming iPhone 6+ display.

I wrote the original blue screen of death, sort of
Cool, as usual – post on The Old New Thing. This is a great starting point to find other posts there which are not only interesting and inspiring, but also very educational.

No More Cracked Smartphone Glass
At last – times when we care about our smartphones’ screens are coming to an end?

Manufacturing Advances Mean Truly Flexible Devices Are on the Way
Another article about smartphones’ – this time about their flexible versions. We trully live in such interesting times..


How the global banana industry is killing the world’s favorite fruit
Will our children eat bananas? Great article because sometimes we forget that some things are not just “from our supermarket” but actually they are produced (or grow) somewhere else on the planet.

Visual guide to selling software as a service by @prezly
You blog? You make content? This is what I found this week – super presentation and great content. Especially for marketing companies. But all of us can get something from this presentation.


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