DreamWeek #4

This time a little bit later than usual due to much travelling.


One Less Password
Great article how we can avoid having password for login purposes.

NuGet: Broken By Design
We all use NuGet. We all love NuGet. But after couple of years NuGet is getting old and many says “it is broken”. Here is great story from guys who stand behind this.


King of click: the story of the greatest keyboard ever made
The best keyboard ever made? Do you have your favorite? It’s the story of IBM Model M keyboard which by many is recognized as the best keyboard ever.

I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds
Great story how geeks like to gather and create stuff. This is the story of Tilde.Club

Windows 10 is the official name for Microsoft’s next version of Windows
You all probably know – this is the hottest news from previous week.


Windows 10–why not Windows 9?

This question was bothering me since I heard that the next release of Microsoft’s OS will be named Windows 10. Where is 9 everyone asked – even me.

Then my friend sent me this one:

This got me thinking – maybe this is not only a rumor but actually the truth?

Another hint is here – https://searchcode.com/?q=if%28version%2Cstartswith%28%22windows+9%22%29 

There are “About 4,342 results” (and this is only one, sample site!), so maybe this is not only a “mistake” but actually this saved us another millennium bomb after changing operating system.

BTW – I wonder what they did discover when used Windows 9 for the first time without changing it to 10.